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Author jackrepenning
Full name Jack Repenning
Date 2010-01-25 17:13:58 PST
Message As I just announced in the announce@scplugin list, I've just made
available release 0.8.0, our first release with Snow Leopard support.
I'm really excited about that, and I know a lot of y'all are as well.

The primary new feature in this release is the Snow Leopard support,
and a cool little widget called the SCToolbarButton that's a big part
of that. In fact, we really don't have Snow Leopard support *without*
the Toolbar Button, yet, so this widget is pretty crucial. There are
also some extra installation steps. Sorry about that--the long delay
has basically been me trying to find the time to figure out how to
make the installer do these extra steps, but I've failed (to find the
time ... still think it's possible). So I'm releasing 0.8.0 with
manual steps. Hopefully I, or someone else, will figure out how to
automate this, for 0.8.1.

Extra steps (mandatory for Snow Leopard users; cool and fun for others):

1. During installation, be sure to install the sub-package called
"Toolbar Button." You should find that this is enabled by default, but
check just to be sure.

2. After installation, add SCPluginUIDaemon to your Login items:
  - open a Finder window
  - navigate to /Library/Contextual Menu Items/SCFinderPlugin.plugin
  - ctrl-click it
  - pick "Show Package Contents"
  - navigate to Contents/Resources/S​CPluginUIDaemon
  - leave that window open, and ...
  - go to the System Preferences application
  - go to the Accounts tab
  - pick your account
  - pick the "Login Items" tab
  - click the "+" button
  - drag-and-drop SCPluginUIDaemon from the first window, into the
Finder menu in the second window

3. Log out, restart, or double-click SCPluginUIDaemon

4. Drag SCToolbarButton from the /Applications/ folder to the Finder
tool bar (across the top of folder windows). Hover near the right end
a moment, and the display will change to indicate that it's drop-
receptive. Drop SCToolbarButton, and it will appear in the toolbar.

Now, you can click the Tooldbar Button and get the SCPlugin menu.

Jack Repenning
jackrepenning at tigris dot org
Project Owner
"Subversion for the rest of OS X"