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Author jackrepenning
Full name Jack Repenning
Date 2010-01-27 10:11:10 PST
Message On Jan 26, 2010, at 2:15 PM, Lorin Rivers wrote:

> I've followed these instructions and everything except the icons bit is working swimmingly. Is there anything I can do other than "Refresh Icons"?

If you're in Snow Leopard, the icon badges just aren't gonna work in this version, sorry: still on the roadmap, but not on your desktop. (Some people have noticed a scattering of working badges immediately after an upgrade to Snow Leopard, but it's not real, seems to be some sort of left-over cache from your Leopard days.)

If you're still running Leopard or earlier, you should be able to get working badges through a fairly complex and finicky sequence of operations. The central problem is that you're trying to (1) flush Finder's cache of icons, then (2) get SCPlugin enabled within Finder, and (3) *only* *then* allow Finder to open any folder that's actually under Subversion control. You're trying to fool the Finder into doing something it never intended to do, and Finder's a pretty smart AI, for good or ill, and remarkably hard to fool. I believe the most successful sequence of steps is documented here:

 (or, if that gets mangled, here: http://bit.ly/dnNfqn)

Jack Repenning
jackrepenning at tigris dot org
Project Owner
"Subversion for the rest of OS X"