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Author jackrepenning
Full name Jack Repenning
Date 2010-12-02 20:13:23 PST
Message On Dec 1, 2010, at 8:04 PM, webpost at tigris dot org wrote:

> However, I could not see Subversion menu in right click.
> I can only SCToolBarButton.
> Do you know why? Or do I miss anything?

Neither the right-click menu (the "Contextual Menu"), nor the badging, are working in Snow Leopard.

The ToolbarButton application is what you want. You can drag it to the tool bar of any FInder window (along the top), pause for a second or so, and you'll see the other icons move out of the way to make room for your new one. Then, you click that to make a menu appear.

Jack Repenning
jackrepenning at tigris dot org
Project Owner
"Subversion for the rest of OS X"