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Author webpost@tigris.org
Full name webpost@tigris.org
Date 2010-12-21 00:55:03 PST
Message Hi there,

Linux user here - but I have to work with Mac people; and having them work svn from command line would not be a problem in general - however, being able to 'read' status of files is a crucial thing (I don't think they would be enthusiastic about typing 'svn status', and then reading the terminal dump - in order to see what files are under revision control - and which of them have possibly changed).

Which is why I'd like to write down a couple of questions/suggestions - forgive my ignorance in advance (as I have no idea about the MacOSX workflow for GUIs, so I'm not sure how relevant any of this turns out to be).

* "...only that the old way no longer works, and we haven't figured out the new way." - sorry about my ignorance, but hasn't Apple published an API for these bloody icon overlays? Or is it all hush-hush, and you'd have to pay for that particular API information (i.e. dropbox)? In other words: why should anyone have to 'figure out' (as in, 'reverse engineer') - at all - how to do these icon overlays??

* If actual icon overlays are a problem - how difficult would it be to change the color of rendered filenames in Finder? Here is a somewhat stupid mock-up example (as I couldn't be bothered finding a better Finder screenshot):


In brief: default font color would mean no subversion control; green would mean updated (as usual), red would mean changed, blue would mean added. If the fonts can be made bold while colored, even better.

* Looking further into this, I found this post:

Where'd the Cool Subversion Icons Go? - Coda Users | Google Groups

"I'm not sure which icons you're talking about; I'm using Leopard and
when files have changed or newer versions are available, I get letters
like 'M' or '*'"

Thus - if changing font properties/formatting is too problematic - how about temporarily appending letters to the filenames, for those files under subversion control?

(btw, wow: "Dedicated Mac SVN clients cost up to $60 — Coda 1.5 adds Subversion for free." http://www.panic.com​/coda/#files-pane).

* Maybe some kind of a Finder button - which on roll-over would render the state of the currently shown directory as a png - with svn status indicated by icons/colors? (it wouldn't have to be the same rendering engine for files display as Finder, though - if that makes some sort of color indication/icon overlay possible or easier?)

Suggestions like these would be simply to get some kind of icon overlay/badging working soon - which could then possibly remain as alternatives, once the usual icon badging starts working.

Thanks for reading,