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SCPlugin is installed into /Library/Contextual Menu Items/. It is loaded from there, by Finder, when you open its Contextual Menu (that is: ctrl-click or right-click-with-a-multibutton-mouse). In newer versions of OS X, you may also have to drag down the Contextual Menu and out to the 'More â–¶' button.

When you do this, the menu you get will be different depending on your context (hence the name, Contextual Menu!). For example, if you've clicked on a file or folder that's already under Subversion control, you'll be offered option like "Update" and "Commit…". But if you're out in some non-Subversion area, those operations aren't meaningful, and won't be offered.

You'll also notice that the files and directories have badges, little extra decorations like locks and check marks (hopefully, see NoBadges). These tell you the state of the file or directory, as understood by Subversion. For example, a file that you've checked out from Subversion but not changed has the green mark Green check mark.

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