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SCPlugin doesn't "do" the Subversion stuff itself, it uses the Subversion libraries to do that. As a result, the SCPlugin user may also need to think a bit about Subversion.

In particular, the Subversion community is presently working on a series of releases that will bring a lot of new speed and value, but have one awkward aspect: each major release recently, and for the foreseeable future, changes the format of the information Subversion keeps about your files. When you upgrade your Subversion (or SCPlugin), this is not a problem: Subversion automatically upgrades things. But if you then try to use an older Subversion tool, it will probably not be able to read the new files. Since (some version of) Subversion now comes with your OS X (since OS X 10.5 'Leopard'), and since there are lots of other popular Subversion tools (Xcode, Versions, svnX, etc.), this can turn into a real mess.

To help you out, SCPlugin does three things:

  • We provide installers for multiple different Subversion versions; pick the one that matches the rest of your tools.
  • We have bundled a tool, created by the Subversion community, that can be used to switch your working copy back to an older version, '/usr/local/bin/change-svn-wc-format.py'.
  • We have extended the standard Subversion error message (that you get when you mix versions) to tell you how to use that tool

Unfortunately, we can't fix up the error messages printed by any other tool, only our own. But you can use our installed copy of the repair script, no matter which tool is having trouble.

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